Macho lexicographico (nornore) wrote,
Macho lexicographico

тайна Эдгара По раскрыта

Найдено на Лурке:

Once upon a sunny morning, while I fucked, so hot and horny,
Beautiful Lenore, my girlfriend — on the forest grass — our bed,
As i thrust her from the rear, suddenly there came a bear
And my heart was filled with fear of the furious Medved!
His enormous paws he lifted as his way to us he led -
And produсed a roar: «Preved!»
And still stands he on the painting, next to myself, nearly fainting,
On that evil, ghastly image people of the net adore.
And in offices and classes they keep laughing off their asses
As the wild «Preved!» tresspases in the heart of my Lenore…
And my dick — thanks to the bear and to his so fearsome roar —
Shall be lifted — Nevermore!
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